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Christopher Rees - Alone On A Mountain Top

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Winner of ‘Best Male Solo Artist’ The Welsh Music Awards 2004

”Deliciously raw and spellbinding…A wonderful homespun triumph”. (Phil Alexander - MOJO)

”A pretty outstanding feat… If anyone sold his soul at the crossroads it was this guy right here”. (Maverick)

”A compelling set of vocal theatrics and spectral blues communion”. (UNCUT))

After spending an agonizing two and a half years working with his seven piece band to create his highly acclaimed debut album The Sweetest Ache, “Seriously amazing stuff” (NME) Christopher Rees retreated to the mountains of mid Wales alone to record the antidote (hence the title) Alone On A Mountain Top. The aim was to escape from all distractions and isolate him self in a tiny 2 room cottage in the country to make an album completely alone in just a week. And that he did recording, playing and mixing every note of every sound that you hear. With a list of over 40 songs he took his mobile studio and a car full of guitars to Ty Bach Twt (a 200 year old Welsh cottage in the mountains outside Aberystwyth) and immediately set to work. In doing so he captured a fresh vitality and raw edge that contrasts well with the dense orchestral polish of The Sweetest Ache.

Reflecting his love for Blues and Country artists like Son House, Townes Van Zandt, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley he gravitated towards an ever expanding batch of songs that he had never performed with his band. He was in his element, churning out, three or four tracks a day, playing acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, resonator slide, bass, drums, percussion, harmonica and even kazoo as well as multi tracking his voice to create a mini male voice choir on Lord Find Me A Home (a song written the day after Johnny Cash died, for and from the imagined perspective of the great ‘Man In Black’ as he neared his death bed). Echoes of 16 Horsepower, Buckley, Dylan, Springsteen and Cohen can also be heard throughout the album, but this is no homage to his heroes.

Alone on a Mountain Top is an honest, courageous and outstanding achievement from one of the Wales’ most prolific, exciting and individual artists. It delivers exactly what it says on the box. Its Christopher Rees left to his own devices - alone in a cottage on the top of a mountain. The result - 12 songs in 6 days and one great album. Who said that second albums have to be difficult?

The album has already been very well received in the UK and across Europe and Canada gathering high praise from major monthly publications like Uncut, and MOJO. In fact MOJO’s Editor In Chief Phil Alexander was so taken with the record that he invited Rees to join the MOJO Club Sessions UK Tour alongside America’s Willard Grant Conspiracy and William E Whitmore. He also completed a 12 date solo tour of Canada supporting Freakwater and Kelly Joe Phelps.

What the critics said about...
(The Ty Bach Twt Sessions)

"Deliciously raw and spellbinding...A wonderful homespun triumph".
Phill Alexander (MOJO)

"A compelling set of vocal theatrics and spectral blues communion". (UNCUT)

"A pretty outstanding feat If anyone sold his soul at the crossroads it was this guy right here". (MAVERICK)

"A thrilling performerwho doesn't hold anything of himself back. Unflinching and venomous...A truely incredible talent".

"From that first track (Hold Off Goodbye) I was hooked. To me it's about his delivery. There's a lot of post-Buckley angst around these days but Christopher is completely head and shoulders above that. He's not just another one of those irritating modern singer songwriters. There's a depth to what he does. He has a roughness that goes with that melodic suss. Maybe he gets it from listening to people like Johnny Cash and Neil Young? "To me the thing that's encouraging is the fact that he's even better live. That and the fact that Alone On A Mountain Top is actually just another step along the way as he learns his craft. In the next few years I think he'll develop even more. And when you bear in mind where he's at now, that's pretty scary." Phil Alexander (Editor in Chief - MOJO)

"Raw, hypnotic and at times dangerous, Rees sings as if his life depends on it".

"Breathtaking and spiritually uplifting". (TORONTO SUN)

“An aching, soulful and gritty album”.