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Michael J Sheehy - Ghost On The Motorway

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**** MOJO (Americana Album Of The Month)

“A work of commendable character and craft.. Michael J Sheehy taps into a rich vein of emotional brutality”.
The Independent

“If Elvis and Nick Cave sired a composite offspring, Michael J Sheehy would be the result”.
The Guardian

Michael J. Sheehy returns with the beautiful but brutal ‘Ghost on the Motorway’ via Red Eye Music on April 9th 2007.

After releasing 6 magnificent and critically acclaimed albums on the Beggars Banquet label (3 as front man and guitarist with Dream City Film Club and 3 as a solo artist) it’s been five years since the harrowing No Longer My Concern, but Sheehy’s song writing is in rude health and Ghost On The Motorway is arguably his finest work to date.

Songs like Crawling Back To The Church and New Orleans tread a fine line between the sacred and the profane while Bloody Nose and Curse The Day exude a sensitivity and tender vocal presence that belies his often startlingly debauched and Bukowski - esque lyrical storytelling.

Drawing upon his deep appreciation and love of folk, blues, gospel and country, his well lived songs deal with the darker side of life while also managing to convey a resilient and wry sense of humour.

Sheehy is one of music’s best-kept secrets and a treasure to those in the know. He has built an extremely dedicated fan base over the years via extensive tours at the personal request of such luminaries as Kristin Hersh, Tindersticks, Ed Harcourt, John Cale and Peter Murphy and had his cult reputation boosted further with the inclusion of songs on soundtracks to art house films like ‘Intimacy’ and the hit American HBO drama series ‘Deadwood’.

Recorded and produced by Sheehy himself the album features guest appearances from Ed Harcourt who contributes his keyboard skills and the odd grunt, as well as former Dream City Film Club bassist Andrew Park, guitarist/brother Patrick McCarthy and violinist Fiona Brice amongst others.

‘Ghost on the Motorway’ is a stunning record full of brooding intimacy and intoxicating atmosphere that takes the listener on a journey through sin, salvation, heaven, hell and back again. Hallelujah!